Wine Label RemoverAfter 30 years in the business we continue to be amazed at the many different uses our customers have found for Labeloff™.

Obviously, Labeloff™ can be used to remove any labels — not just wine bottle labels. We have heard from several people who collect Saki labels, others who collect spirits (single malt liquor, single barrel bourbon, etc.) labels and even more who collect beer bottle labels.

Have you ever heard of “slumped” glass? We sell Labeloff™ to three different companies who produce cheese boards/servers by placing clean 1.5 liter wine bottles on their side on a flat refractory surface in a kiln and allow the glass to slump to flatten. After cooling, they attach the removed wine label to the underside and protect it with another Labeloff™.

One of the more innovative uses for our label saver is to remove bar codes from boxes and cans. Why? Many companies will offer rebates and/or premiums for a number of bar codes from their products, within a short time frame. Labeloff™ allows one to remove the bar codes without damaging the integrity of the packages so that the shelf life will not be shortened.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve recently learned that some people use Labeloff™. to adhere notes to the windshield of a car that is parked incorrectly. While we absolutely do NOT recommend this, it is surely another example of the versatility of Labeloff™.

We learned of another unique, and rather esoteric, application when an architect from California called to reorder Labeloff™ and told us that he uses the label remover for hinges on his miniature building models and models of furniture cabinets, which his company custom builds.

Many customers have also used Labeloff™ to laminate and permanently protect and preserve social security cards, library cards, voters’ identification cards and many other documents.

As far as we have been able to ascertain, Labeloff™, the original and best label saver, it the only label remover which is manufactured in the USA and consists only of domestic components. We thought that this might be important to mention after the recent spate of Chinese products, from wallboard to toys to pharmaceuticals, which have contained harmful and/or potentially dangerous chemicals.

What Do You Do After You Remove Wine Labels?

We continue to be amazed by the creativity that our clients display when using their label savers for purposes other than saving labels. We have heard from people who have used Labeloff™ to remove wine labels in order to panel walls in lieu of wallpaper. We have heard of people paneling their wine cellar walls and sometimes even their powder rooms.

Flaunt your favorites bottles of wine for all to see!

Some collect wine labels that only have animals displayed on the front of the label. They have “themed” their collections whether they are good bottles or not. Some other themes we’ve heard about include landscaping or sceneries on the front of the label. They like to look at a view every time they drink a bottle of wine.

One customer loves collecting wine labels so much that he ships Labeloff™ overseas to international countries in order to find rare labels. Once the customer’s contact there finds the rare bottles of wine they remove the labels with Labeloff™ and sends them back to the United States. Some people will do anything for their wine labels!

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