Removing Wine Labels: How Labeloff™ Works

The first step in removing a wine label is to prepare the label by wiping it with a clean, dry napkin or towel to remove dust and/or any other foreign surface deposits. Next, run your fingernail along the right and left hand sides, or leading edges, of the label in order to lift the edge from the bottle.
Remove the protective backing from the Labeloff™ while holding the wine label remover by the pull-tab. Carefully position the Labeloff™ so that there is ¼” to ½” of glass between the pull-tab and the label. Use proper caution, since the adhesive used is very aggressive and will instantaneously adhere to any surface. Apply the Labeloff™ to a label as you would a decal to glass (i.e., allow it to “roll” on from one side to the other). Press the Labeloff™ firmly against the bottle label by rubbing hard, especially at the interface between the label and the bottle closest to the pull-tab. Rub the label for a second time using the back of a spoon or a similar smooth hard object. This second rubbing must be done with pressure, especially around the leading edges.
Once you are certain that good contact exists, use your fingernail along the edge of the label and then pull the Labeloff™ slowly and evenly by means of the pull-tab. If the wine label does not lift, bring the Labeloff™ back over the leading edge and reapply pressure.


View the How to Remove a Wine Label demo by clicking the video below. If you experience any difficulties in removing wine labels using Labeloff™, please write, call or email us for assistance.