Q: How does Labeloff™ work?
A: Labeloff™ works by removing the top printed surface and leaving the unwanted adhesive impregnated back on the bottle. Please visit our How It Works page for more detailed information, along with a demo video.

Q: What happens if my wine label won’t come off?
A: Make sure that you followed the directions exactly as we provide. If the label will still not come off allow the Labeloff™ to remain on the label for up to 24 hours prior to attempting to remove it. This new, improved Labeloff™ is backed with an adhesive whose strength increases with contact time.

Q: What do I do with the wine label once I have removed it?
A: We suggest you store them in a wine label album or wine journal for future reference. There are many uses for Labeloff™, please visit the inventor’s blog for more recommendations on what to do after you removed the wine label.

Q: Can I purchase JUST a wine label from the custom wine bottle page?
A: Yes, simply fill out the applicable information and we will just send you a wine label to apply to your favorite bottle of wine.

SAQs (Should Ask Questions)

Q: How is Labeloff™ different from the other wine label removers I see on the market?
A: Labeloff™ is different because it is made in the United States for the past 30 years. The product also has a stronger, more aggressive adhesive, which give us a 98% success rate.

Q: How can I tell I’m using Labeloff™, the original wine label remover, instead of a competitor?
A: You should be able to tell your using Labeloff™, the original wine label remover and saver because it will be thicker then most of our competitors, but another telling sign is the embossment on the pull-tab area that says “LABELOFF™”.

Q: I can save $1-$3 on other wine label removers, why should I spend the extra money?
A: Labeloff™ has a stronger, more aggressive adhesive that lowers your risk of the wine label being ruined when attempting to remove it. The reason Labeloff™ is a little more costly is because we are made in the United States with much better quality then the products that are made overseas.

Q: I am sacred I’m going to damage my wine label because the product may not work, what should I do?
A: Labeloff™ has a 98% success rate so you should not be worried, but if you are leave the Labeloff™ over the wine label for a few minutes after you are sure good contact exists. The adhesive strengthen over time so this will help with the removal process.

Q: I am a restaurant owner, why would I want to carry Labeloff™?
A: We recommend that restaurants use Labeloff™ (even if the customer does not request it) as a thank you/parting gift when they leave. You can place the moved label on the restaurants stationary with a thank you note from the manager or sommelier. It is a nice way to make a lasting impression.

Q: I’m into making my own wine; will Labeloff™ help me recycle the wine bottles?
A: Yes, Labeloff™ can help you remove those unwanted wine labels so the bottle can be used for your own purposes.

Q: I want to save my beer and liquor bottle labels, will Labeloff™ work on these as well?
A: Yes, Labeloff™ will take off any label from any glass surface. The labels can be saved the same way as the wine labels.

Q: I usually heat the wine bottle in the oven to remove the label. What is the difference if I use Labeloff™?
A: Unlike heating the wine bottle in the oven, Labeloff™ will leave you with a laminated wine label that can be stored for years to come and you don’t have to worry about setting it on fire or burning your hands!

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