About Labeloff™

Labeloff™ was invented over a quarter of a century ago in order to remember the great bottles of wine that were once enjoyed on a trip throughout Europe. The inventor was hoping to take the label off of wine bottles for a memento from his trip overseas, and while dining around appreciating great meals and excellent wine the simple question was asked, “Can you remove the label from this wine bottle?”

Labeloff™ is an innovative and easy-to-use tool designed to remove the label from wine bottles. Labeloff™ quickly and easily removes wine labels by splitting the labels, removing the top printed surface and leaving the unwanted adhesive impregnated back on the bottle. This process will leave you with a laminated keepsake that can be fastened to your wine journal, or virtually any other surface.

Labeloff™ was designed for oenologists, collectors of wine and casual wine enthusiasts. This one-of-a-kind product, designed for removing bottle labels, enables you to easily remember a particular bottle of wine and the memories that go along with it.

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Remove labels from wine bottles and start creating memories one wine label at a time!

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How Labeloff™ Was Invented

Labeloff Inventor & Owner


About a quarter of a century ago the inventor of Labeloff™ (pictured above) was privileged to travel extensively and frequently throughout Italy on business. He was amazed at the number of varietals, hundreds, as well as the thousands of wines produced from these grapes. He tasted wines, which he liked and wanted to try to find when he returned to the USA, so he would ask the waiters to remove the labels for him. They looked at the crazy American and promptly returned with wet paper shreds.

Since his background is material engineering, he resolved to find a way to easily remove intact whole labels. His initial efforts involved trying to dissolve the adhesives so as to leave a clean bottle. He soon saw the futility of this approach and decided to develop an extremely aggressive adhesive that could lift the label. Between these two approaches he developed a machine which will easily clean wine bottles of their labels by destroying the latter, a process very useful to wineries who have the need to re label some wine bottles.

After many trials, and almost as many failures, he developed an extremely aggressive adhesive on a thin strong plastic sheet which actually splits the labels, permanently laminating the printed top and leaving the glue impregnated underside on the bottle. About a decade later, he increased the strength of the adhesive by slightly tweaking the formula. This is what we presently use. The proof of its efficiency is that we have sold more than twenty million Labeloff™ worldwide!

The International Allure of Labeloff™

Labeloff™ consistently receives orders from various places around the world. Europe’s numerous wine regions help describe why the label remover is popular in France and Italy — the same goes for the Malbec –rich regions of Argentina. Beyond these popular vino-vacation destinations, a simple question remains: What makes Labeloff™ just as popular overseas (and sometimes even more admired) than it is here in the United States?

The Tangible

There is no denying the American work ethic. The long hours spent dedicated to work – be it for a company or via self-employment – paved the way for the United States to become a worldwide powerhouse through the 20th century. Yet, as the world continues to flatten and globalization moves from inevitable to reality, the rest of the world is catching up to the United States, and this global movement has opened the door for international sales. Granted, in the scheme of globalization, a sale of 100 Labeloff™’s to a restaurant in Paris will have little effect on the global economy, but the sales of our wine label remover clearly exemplifies the shrinking world and the international opportunities businesses now have, both professionally and socially.

The Intangible

The word socially sheds light on another aspect of Labeloff™’s international allure. The majority of Americans live to work – that is, we wake up five out of seven days awake against our will, head out to the office for a minimum of eight hours, and return home only to have a few hours with friends and family. Overseas, the idea is reversed – people work to live. Financial ego is second to quality of life, which ultimately leads to more family time and more happiness. (In Barcelona, shops close for a mid-day siesta. Brazil’s business infrastructure virtually stands still during the two weeks of Carnival.)

This ideal allows many of the world’s citizens to take a step back, gain a perspective of things, and create memories from the simpler things that life has to offer. This may be taking a mid-day nap in a park, watching the sunset, or enjoying a bottle of wines with friends.

From Brazil to Bali, Thailand to Taiwan and Israel to England, customers have been ordering Labeloff™ at a record pace. While globalization surely is the primary reason for this American made product jumping overseas, the idea that a 5” by 6” adhesive can make lifelong collectibles (and memories) is what makes Labeloff™ a unique and desirable product.